Ultimate Social Media Holiday Calendar by Erica Fraser

Ultimate Social Media Holiday Calendar

Add 2,000+ holidays into YOUR calendar instantly, with the click of a mouse!

Are you sick of tracking holidays?

I am! But, it's a necessary part of blogging. Which is why I created this easy, flexible, and comprehensive calendar which imports DIRECTLY INTO YOUR CALENDAR and makes it super easy to never miss anything again.

Import directly into any calendar

Add this calendar directly into your Google Calendar (or any other platform) with the ICS file.

Holidays & National Days

Get a comprehensive list of holidays and national days, so you can build your editorial calendar and never miss an opportunity for content or brand pitching.

No more...


Have everything in ONE PLACE and don't switch between your paper calendar, Trello or Asana, or whatever random tracking system you're using.


We've ALL done it! We've missed a key holiday and the chance to create great content or pitch a brand. Never again!


Everything will be directly in your calendar and easy to view (and hide if you want to).


How does it works?

Once you sign-up, you'll be sent a file to add to your calendar. Once you add it, you'll be all set and can start tracking holidays and national days.

How many holidays are there?

I've included 2,000+ holidays, that will be continuously updated as I find more, and you will get the updates (for free!).

Erica Fraser

Hi, I'm Erica, the creator behind Mom Break and Mom Blogging Unplugged. I'm also a Digital Marketing Strategist with over 10 years of experience working with brands, PR agencies, media outlets, and building kickass marketing campaigns in the corporate world.

Then, in the last 4 years, I have created and launched 5 businesses, had 2 children, 2 surgeries, and sold 1 business.