How I Grew My Instagram to 33,000 by Erica Fraser

How I Grew My Instagram to 33,000

This is a mini-series where I share with you guys EXACTLY what I did to grow to 33,000 Instagram followers in 3 years (no holding back, get the inside scoop!).

What to Expect

Have you ever looked at what people are doing online and thought, "I wish I could sit with them and they'd just tell me everything they've done to get to this point?".

Well, that's what I'm doing in this mini-series!


Erica’s course is EXACTLY what I needed at this stage in my social media growth. You will never find a more honest and raw course out there in regards to follower growth. Not only is she brilliantly honest, but she even provides you with data sheets of tools she’s used in the past (mind blown). Got super important tips but what I loved the most is the validation that I’m not crazy - that some of my methods are done by almost everyone with a following on Instagram. This course will help me analyze better which influencers to work with for my brand as I can now tell how engagement/followers work hand in hand. Thank you so much Erica!
Jeannine Requejo

What's in this Mini-Series?

This is a mini-series that will walk you through a story of exactly what I did:

  • How the account got started
  • Did I use pods?
  • Did I buy followers?
  • What's helped me grow the fastest?
  • What would I do again?
  • What would I skip next time?
  • Do a lot of people buy followers?
  • Do a lot of people buy engagement?

This mini-series will be a combination of video, audio, and text.


I really enjoyed the video series.  There were so many great points on what works and doesn't work.  Its got me rethinking my accounts and how to bring them to there full potential and reach the right audience.  All the info you give can work for any type of business.   A lot of time, the people who are most successful don't want to share how they got there, so thank you once again for being so open and honest!
Sue Lambe

Erica Fraser

Hi, I'm Erica, the creator behind Mom Break and Mom Blogging Unplugged. I'm also a Digital Marketing Strategist with over 10 years of experience working with brands, PR agencies, media outlets, and building kickass marketing campaigns in the corporate world.

Then, in the last 4 years, I have created and launched 5 businesses, had 2 children, 2 surgeries, and sold 1 business. 


How I Grew My Instagram was super insightful to what I should be focusing on as a blogger. She explains everything honestly and easily. She breaks everything down into what she tried, what worked and didn’t, and provides helpful resources and links. I am coming away from this course feeling more confident and ready to grow my Instagram account. Thanks Erica!
Geneva (

Here's what you get....

What Now?
So, you've just bought this mini-series...
What you can expect
2 mins
Private Facebook Group
What Do You Know?
What have I done on Instagram? Let's get started!
Were you surprised by the quiz results?
What are other people doing on Instagram?
A bit about the results...
The Story
Chapter 1: How Did Mom Break Get Started? (0-1K)
4 mins
Chapter 2: Addicted to Growth (1-5K)
19 mins
Chapter 3: Obsessed with Engagement (5-10K)
14 mins
Chapter 4: Bored (10-15K)
9 mins
Chapter 5: Real Growth (15 - 33K)
17 mins
The things I regret
The biggest impact
How my feed has changed
Instagram Stories
9 mins
Tagging big accounts nemesis!
9 mins
How I used live videos?
3 mins
Are you scared to share?
4 mins
The structure of a IG feed post
6 mins
What about commenting on other people's posts?
2 mins
How can you make money with this mini-series?
2 mins


I really enjoy the course, I think the price is just right on point for what you get. What you share will definitely help me grow my account.
Diego Alcubierre


Get the mini-series training, with over 90 minutes of ALL OF MY INSTRAGRAM secrets!
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