Mom Blogging 101 by Erica Fraser

Mom Blogging 101

This whole world of "mom blogging" is so incredibly overwhelming, and the kicker, you're trying to do it with screaming kids around.

This course is the A-Z guide of mom blogger, and will set you up with all the detail you'll need.

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Tell me if I'm close:

  • Maybe you saw the free stuff somebody else got online, and you were jealous
  • Maybe you want to become an influencer, and have no idea how to grow your following
  • Maybe you want to make some extra money for your family, but don't have time for a traditional job

But here's the have NO idea where to start!!

You have no idea what to create, write about, how to create a social media account people will love.

That's what I'm here for.

Erica Fraser

Hi, I'm Erica, the creator behind Mom Break and Mom Blogging Unplugged. I'm also a Digital Marketing Strategist with over 10 years of experience working with brands, PR agencies, media outlets, and building kickass marketing campaigns in the corporate world.

Then, in the last 4 years, I have created and launched 5 businesses, had 2 children, 2 surgeries, and sold 1 business. 
"Erica's Mom Blogging 101 course is fantastic and just gets down to the nitty gritty without any fluff!"

Straight to the point and easy to consume through an easy app that you can take on the road with you! I listened to most of this in the car on the way to activities or during car naps. She's very thorough and explains everything very well so it's not confusing and overwhelming. I loved the instagram tricks as this is where I want to grow and already have reached my 1k based on her tricks, onto the next goal!
Naomi Legault, NaomiBianca613


Have you ever wondered:

  • How do I grow my following?
  • How the heck do I start a blog, I have no idea where to start??
  • How can I pitch brands?
  • How the hell can I build a website?
  • Do I have time for all of this?
  • Do I need a media kit?

These are all questions I get asked on a regular basis. And this made me realize that there aren't a lot of affordable resources for moms who want to jump into the blogging space. So I created Mom Blogging 101, a course designed specifically for moms who want to jump into blogging.
"This course was a totally unique approach to something which is so sought after."

The short and to the point voice lessons made it so there were no excuses not to get the course done! I especially loved hearing Erica talk so open and honestly about her journey through mom blogging. It's refreshing to hear someone be completely transparent about what they've tried and how they found success and it was really inspiring to me. I instantly felt more confident in my own blogging to step outside my comfort zone, and once I did that I saw immediate changes to my own success. This course is so worth it and totally unlike the other courses out there.
Elyse, Elyse Morency
"Erica takes out the confusion on what you need to physically build your site and grow your audience."

This course provided me with the practical tools I needed to start my blog from the ground up. Mom blogging is unique - we have a lot to share with each other, but not a lot of time to do so. Erica takes out the confusion on what you need to physically build your site and grow your audience. Highly recommend for anyone new to blogging, or would like a refresh on the latest tools and apps.
Ashley Street, New to the Nest


  • A course designed specifically for busy moms, which you'll actually be able to finish AND put into action even with kids climbing all over you
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to build your website, your brand, and start creating content
  • Everything available from your phone!! (with the exception of a few things, like building your website, that you'll need a computer for)
  • A digital homework system, where you don't need to print anything
  • Short lessons with only the information you need, not the fluff you don't have time for
  • The whole truth and nothing but the BS about growing your audience or building your brand
  • A private Facebook group to ask questions and get support


  • Spend any money on a website developer to setup your website
  • Spend weeks trying to figure out how to do something, get frustrated, and then give up
  • Sacrifice time with your family to grow your blog quickly
  • Throw ideas at the wall, hoping and praying they'll stick


Every element of this course is designed for moms who:

  • Don't have a lot of free time
  • Want to create a business for themselves
  • Don't have time to sit and watch hours of video lessons
"Erica’s course helped me refocus myself and I was able to nail down a niche, figure out my audience and be able to tackle blogging as a mom"

Before I had my daughter I was on social media as part of the beauty community. After having my daughter I didn’t fit in that category of blogging anymore and struggled for over a year trying to find my mom voice. I knew I wanted to continue blogging but I felt overwhelmed with what exactly I wanted to do. Erica’s course helped me refocus myself and I was able to nail down a niche, figure out my audience and be able to tackle blogging as a mom. I highly recommend taking this course because it goes through every part of how to set yourself up, from finding your voice, to building your website, to pitching brands without skimping on the details.
Sarah, Simply Sarah

What's included

Video Icon 9 videos File Icon 42 files Text Icon 1 text file

Course Curriculum

10 mins
How to create your "MASTER NOTES" file?
3 mins
An important reality check...
8 mins
Resource library & tools
MODULE 1: Know your audience
1.1 Introduction
7 mins
1.2 How to niche down
8 mins
1.3 Who is your audience?
9 mins
1.4 What do they struggle with?
8 mins
1.5 How they consume information?
6 mins
1.6 Putting it into use
3 mins
MODULE 2: Building your blog
2.1 Introduction
4 mins
2.2 Name your blog
11 mins
2.3 Build your brand
10 mins
2.4 The technical stuff
12 mins
2.5 Buy your domain
7 mins
2.6 Where should your blog live?
9 mins
2.7 Pick your blog theme
13 mins
2.8. Build your blog
20 mins
2.9 How NOT to be confused by WordPress
17 mins
2.10 Start creating new blog posts
6 mins
2.11 Getting a professional email account
7 mins
2.12 Setting up Google Analytics
6 mins
3.1 Do I really need an email list?
6 mins
3.2 Which email tool should I use?
5 mins
3.3 How many emails should you send?
7 mins
3.4 Should you send an email for every new blog post?
6 mins
3.5 What should you send?
19 mins
3.6 The basics of email workflows
11 mins
4.1 The best and most annoying way to grow your audience
4 mins
4.2 Instagram quick tips
27 mins
4.3 Email list qucik tips
13 mins
4.4 Page view quick tips
12 mins
4.5 Other growth hacks
8 mins
5.1 Content Introduction
2 mins
5.2 What type of content should you create?
10 mins
5.3 Which social media platforms should you be on?
9 mins
5.4 When should you be posting?
4 mins
5.5 Where to get content ideas
13 mins
5.6 Save time creating content
11 mins
5.7 Editing pictures
7 mins
5.8 Managing your content
17 mins
6.1 Introduction
8 mins
6.2 Affiliate Marketing
18 mins
6.3 Be an affiliate for this course
4 mins
6.4 Working with Sponsors
20 mins
6.5 Create a product or course
10 mins
You do it!
3 mins
If you bought your domain somewhere other than BlueHost, here's how to "move it"
3 mins
How often do you pay for a domain? Monthly, yearly or what?
1 min
Facebook Lives
June 6, 2019
40 mins
June 21, 2019
30 mins
Flick - The Hashtag Tool
10 mins

What other moms are saying about this course:

This course was exactly what I needed! I had been struggling to figure out the exact direction my blog was going to take and Erica's lessons were so clear and concise, I know exactly what to do now! I also loved how the lessons were short and sweet AND audio. I listened to most of it while driving around with baby in tow. The whole concept is perfectly adapted for busy moms! I highly recommend this course if you're looking to start a mom blog!
- Cathy Khoury, Live.Life.Mom

This course is a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to build a business out of blogging. It includes necessary information for starting a business, and information specific to building a blog and growing a following on social media.
- Emily Harrington, MillennialBossMoms

This course really helped me focus my blog content and tailor it to my audience. Erica provided awesome suggestions and creative examples of ways to build my brand, grow my following, create quality content, and work more efficiently. The course included many links, and a master guide that I know I will referring back to again and again. I feel so much more confident in the direction I am going, and now have clear realistic goals. If you are just starting out, or have been struggling to find a clear blogging path, this course is for you!
- Laura, Make it Laura

Erica's course has something for everyone to learn and better their blogs at any stage they are at. With her marketing expertise and honest advice you will have the proper tools you need to put into place to monetize your blog and make profits. I'm so happy I took this course to help me figure out exactly the content that is important to my audience and how to most effectively and efficiently get that to them. I highly recommend this course to anyone considering starting a blog or at any stage of already actively blogging to help grow your business.
- Vanessa Ravalico, My Little Lamb Blog

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days, share with me your worksheet from the first 3 modules, and we will give you a full refund.

What's included in this course?

This course is JAM PACKED with value! Why? Because I want you to succeed at growing your blog and business. So in this course, there are 6 modules designed to get your blog up and running, PLUS a private Facebook group where you can ask all those questions you're too scared to ask anybody else...and get honest answers.

What format is this course in?

This course is in a combination of audio, video, and text lessons. Why? Because you're a mom blogger and don't have time to sit in front of a computer screen and watch hours of videos or PowerPoint lectures.

How is this course different?

This course is specifically designed for mom bloggers, and all of the lessons, formats, and homework are designed for your busy life as a mom. No more downloading paper handouts you'll never read or will get turned into colouring paper for your kids. No more starting videos and not finishing them because somebody is screaming. This course is built from the ground up with a mother's schedule in mind.

How can I watch this course?

This course is available from your computer, but more importantly, you can also complete it from your phone. iPhone users can download the Teachable app, and Android users can use a browser to view teachable from the mobile platform. All designed to be viewed on the go!

Who is this course for?

Moms who are thinking about starting a blog, who have just started, or who have been active for awhile but don't know what direction they're taking and still don't have an engaged audience.

Who isn't this course for?

Moms who already have a blog, loyal following, and are already generating revenue.