Toddler & Kindergarten Activities for Dummies by Erica Fraser

Toddler & Kindergarten Activities for Dummies

A super-easy list of things that I'm doing with my kids. I will continue to upload and update this as we go.

What you can expect?

I knoooow that are A LOT of different things available online right now, I get it, I'm overwhelmed to. So, to keep thigns SUPER SIMPLE, I'm sharing all the things that I'm creating for my kids and uploading them into ONE PLACE...this place.

What's include?

(START HERE) Introduction
How to Access the Items
2 mins
Get around this system
1 min
Recommended YouTube Channels
Literacy/Math Websites for Kindergarten
The Wiggles: Social Distancing
Colouring Pages
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115 KB
St. Patrick's Day
175 KB
Work From Home
Stop Sign (Mom is working)
3.64 MB
Stop Sign (No Brother Allow)
707 KB


Who is this good for?

Moms who are overwhelmed and want easy things for their kiddos?

What are your qualifications?

120% nothing! Yup, that's right. Just a mom trying to figure out how to keep her kids from attacking each other and tantruming throughout all of this. I know what my kids like and need, so I'm creating resources for them that will help them AND me.

How much?

Nadda, zilch, zip, zero. I'm creating these for my kids and household anyways, AND I have a platform that it's easy to share things, so I figure...hey, why not?

Can I access them from my phone?

Heck yes! You can login and view these items ANY TIME, at

What's include?

This is NOT meant to be a static project. I will be continuously downloading and sharing things that I'm using. It will be changing (almost) every day.